Citroen DS front end wiring – part 3

Before I can get the DS back on the road, I need to sort out the front end wiring.    This controls the headlights, indicators, horns etc.   There is obviously something wrong here as I had been seeing strange behaviour in the lights.   I spent some time on this late last year, and made only minimal progress.   I had some suggestions to check the grounds.   At the time I cleaned them and while they did look dirty it did not seem to make much difference.

To test properly, I bought a proper test light.   This did allow me to more easily identify some of the wires and get basic stuff like the indicators hooked up.   I also got the side lights working correctly.    Headlights and main beams appear to be hooked up properly but one side is still not nearly as bright as the other.    This is especially apparent on high beam.

Citroen DS dipped beam

Citroen DS Main Beam

The first photo is the dipped beam and the second is the main beam.   The driver side is great, the passengers side still needs some work.   I was also not able to get the driving lights working yet.   I need to check, but it does not look they are using relays like the main and dipped beam.    It may be worth adding relays for these lights as well.    The Citroen DS headlights are very good for a car of its age (when they are working properly).

At least the lights are not staying on after the switch is turned off, and the light switch actuating the horn, so some progress has been made!

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