DS Door trim after paint

Today’s job was to work on the DS door trim. Most importantly, re-mounting the door cards. The door cards were new in 2014 and still in great shape. The grey velour goes very well with the darker shade of red. Before I mounted them, I took the opportunity to spray the inside of the doors […]

Final DS door card installed

The fourth and final door card for the DS is now installed. The reason for the long delay was that the rear drivers side door would not lock. If the door was unlocked, the mechanism would not hold the door closed, if locked, it would behave as if it were unlocked.

Therefore, before I fitted […]

DS Door cards – Update

Last year I removed the old targa door card from one of the rear doors and fitted the new velour door card. Today I was up to doing the front door.

This is a job that gets far easier with experience. Some of the websites mention needing far less of the clips than I used, […]

Fitting new Citroen DS door cards

Citroen DS door cards are quite simple as the door handle etc is above the actual door card. So all it comprises of is the arm rest and a small hole for the window winder mechanism. The door card is held onto the door through a series of metal clips that attach into holes drilled […]

Removing Citroen DS door cards

Removing door cards on a Citroen DS is quite simple. The door cards are held on by the window winder and a series of metal clips. The metal clips attach to the back of the door card, and align with holes in the door that have plastic ‘cups’ that the metal clips slot into. The […]