My E-Type rolled out of the factory 50 years ago this month

On the 17th of September, 1965, my E-Type rolled out of the factory in Coventry, and was dispatched on the 5th of October to Fayetteville North Carolina.     The first owner, was Spencer Augustus Folsom, Jr.    It shows how far car technology had come in the preceding 50 years, in that when this car was manufactured, a 50 year old car was a horseless carriage, yet now this car despite being 50 years old can still function well as a car on todays roads.

In 50 years on the road, this car has been driven cross country, stolen and recovered, slain a horse, had two different colour changes, two different rear end ratio changes, an engine rebuild, re-trim and body restoration plus countless other repairs.   It even won a concours in 2001 and been in the Jaguar Drivers Club Magazine.   It has been in Fayetteville NC, Washington DC, San Francisco, Reno NV, Portland OR, Royal Oak MI and now Sydney.    Today it only gets sparing use, but it was driven as an everyday car at least into the late 80s in San Francisco.    I’ve owned the car for 5 years, or 10% of its existence.


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