CCCNSW Tech Day Oct 2014

Today was one of the regular tech days organised by the Citroen Club.   I always enjoy the tech days, even if I am not doing much to my car – you can see the other cars, talk to the other members and sometimes learn how to do things by watching what other people do.

One of the tricks I learned today was simple but effective.   When removing spheres, use a baby’s nappy to catch the LHM that will invariably leak out from the sphere.   Larger is better.


The tech day was held at a semi-rural property owned by a club member and Citroen GS enthusiast.   He has plenty of room in his sheds for a large supply of GS parts and some parts cars out back to.    He also has a CX Ute for when things need to be moved around on the property.   As you can see, it is in showroom condition.   I drove the CX Ute, and was surprised how well it drove, given its looks.   I was worried it would snap in half each time I hit a bump!

CX UteIMG_2796

I had removed my spheres previously to have them checked, and re-gassed if necessary.   The Club has the equipment to do this. However, my spheres were not in need of re-gassing.

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