E-Type brake overhaul

The brakes on the E-Type have been somewhat problematic since I got it.    When the brakes got hot, they would not always release fully.     Over the last 4 years I have tried a number of things to fix the problem but it has always come back to some extent.

When I still had the car in the USA, it was worse, the brakes would decide to lock on, and they would get to the point where the car was immobile for 5-6 minutes until they finally decided to release.  I was stuck by the side of the road on quite a few occasions.    At that time, I had a complete E-Type brake overhaul.  The master, servo, fluid, brake light switch etc were all changed.   This made it much better – for a while I thought it had gone away, but a few months later it started happening again just a little and the brake light switch was also staying on again.     The brake light switch was replaced again and an adjustment was made with no other improvement than the brake lights working again.

This time, the problem looks to be solved.   The front brake calipers were rebuilt – they were quite rusty.   In addition, the master cylinder that was put on in 2011 was not working correctly, and flexible lines were replaced.   Not only have I done the full E-Type brake overhaul, I have re-overhauled some items!

Rebuilt calipers - E-Type brake overhaul.

While the car was in the shop it also had the top wishbones replaced as they were worn.  I also had the cam oiling tube cleaned, and a few other minor adjustments.   In addition, a Pertronix electric ignition installed.

The result of all this is the car is better in every way.   The brakes have never worked this well.  The electronic ignition makes the car much easier to start and run better too.   The Jag was always a slow starter when cold – not anymore.

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