JDCA drive to Bulli

I recently attended a JDCA drive to Bulli organized by the Grand Tourers Register (i.e. XJS, New XK).   The drive started in Southern Sydney and took the grand pacific drive through the royal national park.   Unfortunately the event organizers Jag (a lovely XJS convertible) developed an issue and had to pull out of the event, but overall it was a very nice day and some nice cars on display.

The video below is a sped up version of the JDCA drive to Bulli.   It shows the route through the Grand Pacific Drive, sea-cliff bridge and in to Bulli.

The two fixes to the car I did the other day didn’t hold up – plugging the GPS in disabled the cigarette lighter and radio again and the speedometer bezel and glass fell off.    The speedo is a bit loose, so might be able to tighten it once I had the radio out again.

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