250SE W111 Production Figures – Update

In a previous post, I was looking at the changeover of production of the 220SEb Coupe/Cabriolet to the 250SE Coupe/Cabriolet.   Mercedes used the same number series for the 220SE Sedan, 220SE Coupe, Cabriolet and the 250SE Coupe and Cabriolet.

According to a Mercedes Factory Manual I have, the last 220SEb was #82991 (and the first 250SE #82992).     At the start of 250SE production in 8/65, the Coupes and Cabriolets received a slightly different engine to the Sedans (M129.981, M129 II),  whereas as of #85398 in 4/66, the M129.980 (M129 I) engine from the sedan was standardized on both models and the 981 engine was discontinued.    The 250SL continued to receive M129.982 (M129 III).   Looking at the parts book, M129.982 is has a number of differences from 980/981, whereas the difference between 980 and 981 appears to be very small.  It may be related to the electronic tachometer?

We know that Mercedes produced the following number of cars (coupe and cabriolet combined):

  • 1965 – 1205
  • 1966 – 3601
  • 1967 – 1407
  • Total – 6123 (954 Cabriolet, 5259 Coupe)

Pre-Production was 8/65, standard production 9/65 and end of production was 12/67.   It is interesting how production tapered off in 1967 given it was almost a full production year.  Looking at dates to serial numbers (obtained from data cards for ac curacy), we can see:

  • 8/65 – 82992 (1st car)
  • 10/65 – 83113
  • 2/66 – 84462
  • 4/66 – 85398 (Engine type change)
  • 6/67 – 88627
  • 10/67 – 88864

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