Almost Shiny DS

The DS was painted at home by the previous owner which resulted in the paintwork being extremely dull and rough.   Today I had the whole today aside, so I wanted to get started on improving the paint.

I started with a wash as the car was a little dusty.   From there, I used a clay bar to try and remove any contaminants in the paint before I wet sanded it.   I started with 1,500 grit and then went to 2,000 grit.    While many of the videos I found on YouTube used a sanding block, I found it easier without one.

After that I used Auto Glym Paint Pro to polish up the paint.

So far, I have wet sanded:

  • The rear wings
  • The boot lid
  • The roof
  • passengers side doors

I still need to wet sand the drivers side, the bonnet and the front wings.

I’ve only polished the roof so far.

Part Polished DS

This photo shows some of the wet sanding and the roof part polished.

Roof PolishedThe roof polished up.   Looks good!

The balance here was to sand enough to smooth the paint without going through to the primer.   In the roof this was easier as the paint was better applied.    The rear wings were the worst on the car, so I will not be able to get them perfect, just better.   Unfortunately I’m going to have to accept some primer showing up if I want them not to look like they are matte red.

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