The old Mercedes-Benz Museum, 2003

The current Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart opened in 2006, but it wasn’t new.   There was a previous Museum that was replaced.  The previous Museum was smaller, but it was still an excellent museum.  It featured the most famous cars like the 30s F1 cars, the 500K, Gullwing etc.    I was able to visit the old Mercedes-Benz Museum back in 2003 and recently uploaded the photos.   Of course, this was almost 15 years ago, and digital cameras were still in their infancy.    The quality of the photos is therefore fairly poor, but the cars speak for themselves.    Visiting this museum was the primary reason I went to Stuttgart and it did not disappoint.

Compared to the new museum, it looks a bit poky, but at the time I was blown away but it and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.   So much so that I assumed the nearby Porsche museum would be equally good.     While I hear the Porsche museum is now quite good, at that time, it was basically a gift shop with a couple of old Porsches parked in there.

Then, as now, Mercedes maintain a number of warehouses with cars that are not on display which are not open to the general public.   I have not seen these, and would love to have the opportunity to someday.

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