Traction will select a gear… Sometimes.

I had the traction towed home a week ago as I was unable to select a gear despite the clutch being fully depressed.   I didn’t think anything was seriously wrong, as I had been driving fine around that time.   After doing some research on the Traction Yahoo Group, and looking carefully at the linkages, I was able to determine that they sometimes bind when I am moving from the 1/R side to the 2/3 side or vice versa.   You can eventually free it, but every now and again it sticks.   I don’t think I have fully fixed the problem yet, but at least I know how to address it.   I also moved the spark plug lead that looked like it might sometimes be getting in the way to the other side of the linkage.

Traction Rods

I also found the access to the fuel tank sender is in the boot under a little plate – and quite easy to get to.   Something for the future.


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