Citroen Light 15 Road Test By Stuart Griffith B.E.

October 18, 1953

The Citroen is as stable as it appears possible to make a car under our present design technique. Un-doubtedly the out-standing characteristic of the car is the way it holds on to the road surface, particularly on corners and bends. Although the Citroen was designed in France about 19 years ago, it has persisted essentially in its original form, with the development of features from time to time to keep it up-to-date.

The latest alteration, the tradition of considerable boot space under a “blister” on the tail, will be welcomed by all. The riding comfort of this […]

Mercedes Saloon Price List – November 1966

I recently came across an old price list for Mercedes-Benz in Australia in the mid 60s. They were very expensive cars back then, probably more so than they are today, and even a base model was around double a holden, let alone the range topping (for the saloons) 300SE.

These prices are for the standard car, so most buyers would have selected at least some options, further increasing the price. The price list covers the W110, W111 and W108 Saloon cars. The Automatic transmission was an expensive option, close to 10% of the price of the car.

Mercedes Benz Passenger […]

New front indicator lenses for the DS part 2

The front indicator lenses on the DS were badly cracked and discoloured, so it seemed like a good idea to replace them. They are available aftermarket and are quite easy to change over.

I had started what I assumed would be a quick job a while ago, but the new lenses used spade connectors instead of bullet connectors and I did not have time to make up some adapters. I’m sure it would have only cost a couple of cents more to make them actually fit, so I am perplexed as to why they are made this way.

Overall […]

Cost Savings of new RMS Logbook Trial

I’ve now moved two cars onto the new 60 day logbook trial with the RMS, and the cost savings are well worth it! The cost of full registration is just a bit above $1,000 if you assume a green slip of over $500 and the Rego of a little under $500. The cost of the new rego is around $150 including greenslip, so a saving of more than $850.

Adding to that, as the car is now on historic plates, the insurance goes down as well. so the savings per car work out to be in the order of $1,000 […]