Citroen DS radio/instrument cluster update

This evening I was able to make good progress on the DS.   First, I was able to fix a few of the issues with the instrument cluster, where the illumination wasn’t working for the gauges and the light for the heated rear window wasn’t working.   (The heated rear window doesn’t work, but at least the light does!)

I also spent a bit more time on the radio.   Instead of messing with the ignition switch, which has already been replaced with an aftermarket unit on my car, I wired the radio to the accessory point behind the dash.   The accessory point is always on, so I wanted to provide a way of turning off the power to the radio.    The model 2 requires to power connections; a battery connection, and an accessory connection.   I had a hole in my dash and a spare switch, so I wired up the spare switch in the dash to turn the radio on/off.   Works great!

In addition, I routed the wires for the rear speakers to the rear of the car under the carpet so the rear speakers are almost ready to install.  For the rears, I have chosen Retrosound 6.5″.   A previous owner had already cut holes in the rear deck for speakers, but they were not particularly round or neat, so I neatened them up a few weeks ago with a dremel tool.   Originally the DS had provision for a single 8″ speaker in the middle.   From what I have seen on many other cars, this hole is filled in as not all cars were delivered with a rear speaker.   Since I already had the other holes, and 8″ is more of a subwoofer size, I decided not to use this hole, and covered it with two squares of dynamat (one from the top, and one from the bottom).   It probably would have made sense to dynamat the whole rear deck, but I only had a small amount left over from a previous job.

2013-05-30 20.57.12

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