2016 Shannons Eastern Creek Car Show

Late August means its time again for the 2016 Shannons Eastern Creek car show, which is organized by the CMC and sponsored by Shannons.   It’s probably the biggest car show in Australia and has a small selection of cars from each club affiliated with the CMC.   Normally the selection is more everyday enthusiast cars rather than high end, but it is nice to see all the niche models that are rarely seen on the road.  They also have vintage fire trucks, police pursuit vehicles and so on.

What was interesting to see was how popular the new classic rego scheme has been in NSW.   Previously the number of cars on classic rego was comparatively few, I would say that more than half of the cars are now on this system.    This is good as it will make it hard for the politicians to take it away again.

All three of the clubs that I am affiliated with (Citroen, Jaguar and Mercedes) had displays at the 2016 Shannons Eastern Creek event.   The advantage of displaying your car at the show is that you get to do a parade lap around the track.    One day I will do this when my kids are a bit older.

Please click on the links for photos from the 2015 and 2013 shows.

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