DS Door trim after paint

Today’s job was to work on the DS door trim.  Most importantly, re-mounting the door cards.   The door cards were new in 2014 and still in great shape.   The grey velour goes very well with the darker shade of red.    Before I mounted them, I took the opportunity to spray the inside of the doors with some fish oil and lubricate the window mechanism.

I also decided to fit new moisture barriers.   The previous ones were not in good shape and new set was not expensive.   Unlike in other cars, the moisture barrier is one one big sheet, but small pieces the cover the inspection holes.

Moisture barriers

There are three per door.   I checked the window alignment again and made some minor updates to the front passengers door before I did the barriers.   The drivers door alignment could use a minor adjustment, but this looks like it is done at the hinge.   The door cards just pop one and what a difference they make.

Door card

The last door trim of the day was fitting some of the rubber covers for the window adjustment mechanism.   The reproduction rubber seemed quite thin, so we will see how well they hold up.   DS reproduction rubber does not have a good reputation.

The window winders go on next.  I didn’t fit them yet as I wanted to review some of my DS books and see which direction they are supposed to face when the window is wound up.   I bought some used window winders at the same time I got the other parts as mine were the wrong type.  This will be the next job.   I have also ordered the parts I need to finalize the rear lights.


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