2017 Rolls Royce Concours

The 2017 Rolls Royce Concours was held at historic Linnwood House, Western Sydney.    As usual, they had a number of guest clubs including the Antique and Classic Car Club,  Rover, Alvis, Wolseley, Jaguar, Range Rover etc.    For some reason the Rover display was very small – perhaps they had another event running at the same time?  I attended in 2015 when the Rover club was also a guest and they had a large selection that year.


This is a nice event.  It is not well known by the general public and has a relaxed atmosphere.    As usual there was a nice selection of Rolls Royce and Bentley motor cars from the marques entire history.   As you would expect Silver Shadow and Silver Spirit models dominated.   There was a reasonable selection of 50s and 60s cars, and a few rather nice pre-war models as well.

This was the first car event my 9 month old daughter attended.    Not a bad one to start with some classy cars on display.   The cars only put her to sleep for some of the time!

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