Auto Brunch St Ives May 2023

About a week and a half ago, I attended the May 2023 Auto Brunch event in St Ives.   This is my favorite Sydney cars and coffee event, and I hadn’t had a chance to attend this year.  Last time was November last year.   Even though it was threatening rain, it was still a great turn out.   This event always has a few nice surprises in terms of what shows up.

I took my Citroen DS.   The area I normally like to park in is being filled in with stone blocks so cars cannot park there anymore.   This is a shame, as it makes parking at this event even more difficult than it normally is.   This was compounded by attendees who were not really thinking and parking parallel to the roads rather than perpendicular.

At this event there is always something that I have never seen before.   This month it was the 1974 Ford Landau.   I understand this was made in quite small numbers.    There were also very rare cars like two Dino 246GTs, and a Lancia Delta Integrale.    It’s amazing what some people have in their garages in this part of Sydney.

May 2023 Auto Brunch

As the rain started to blow in, the event only lasted for an hour or so before people started to leave.   It was certainly enough to have a good look at all the cars.    Some of my favorites were the couple of Volvo P1800s, the Jaguar XJ12 and the BMW 635CSi.  I also really liked the Delta Integrale.    There were also other nice cars I never got to photograph.

Of all the cars I own, the DS is the one I seem to take most to these events.  It’s quite different to most other cars, so provides an interesting contrast.   It is also a good opportunity to get the DS out for a drive.

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