W107 windscreen washer pump

The windscreen washer has not been working on my 450SLC for a couple of months.    The wipers started up, but no water squirted on the windscreen.   On quick inspection, I assumed it was the pump as it was rather rusty.   The W107 windscreen washer pump is a poor design in my view.   It appears that the motor is below where the water is sucked in, so any minor leakage gets into the mechanism and it rusts out.

W107 windscreen washer pump

Since I purchased the car in 2003, I am now on my 3rd pump.   They are not expensive, at around $60, but Mercedes OEM parts normally last better than that.   The upside of this is that the W107 windscreen washer pump can be changed in 10 minutes.   It mounts to the left of the radiator and is removed with an 8mm socket.

A quick test and I now have a working windscreen washer.  The washer has never worked on my DS, so once I get that car back on the road I will investigate.  Update 2019:  DS washer now working too!

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