Yet another way of attaching NSW Historic Plates

After using blank plates as a way of attaching NSW Historic Plates on the 450SLC and the 560SEC, the adapter I fabricated for the 250SE was looking rather shoddy.   I made it myself out of aluminium.   I used thin aluminium to make it easier to cut.   The thin aluminium bent easily and now had creases.

I liked how using the blank German plate filled in the spot for the plate rather well.   This plate is far too modern for the 250SE.   That style of plate was introduced in the early 90s.  It is quite contemporary for a late 80s car, but doesn’t fit so well for a mid 60s model.   Blank plates are also available for the older style German plates, which were white with a black boundary.    This is also the style that Swiss plates used at the time.   I have a photo of my car in Switzerland when it is new, on Diplomatic plates.   It would be great to find the square ‘CD’ tag one day to attach!

attaching NSW Historic Plates

I also used the last of my older style MBCSW badges.  I’ve ordered a couple of new ones as well.    Like with the other blank plate I bought, it was just a matter of drilling the holes in the right spots.   As this is the same size as the original plates, it fits very well in the bumper indent.   The factory plastic mounting wedges are pushing the plate out a bit too much, so I may replace them with something flatter.   They are invisible once the plate is mounted anyway.

At some point I will probably mount a badge on the right hand side.   I’ll be keeping an eye on eBay for something interesting.

Coomparison old vs new

As a comparison, I am much happier with the result than my previous attempt.  I also used screws instead of pop rivets, which will make removing the plate to add the second badge much easier.   I used a dremel to cut off the excess length on the back of the screws.   The links to my other cars above will outline the other ways I have been attaching NSW historic plates.

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