Citroen DS radio upgrade almost complete

The Radio upgrade on the Citroen DS is almost complete.   It’s taken over a month (albeit only a few hours a week).   Today I properly installed the speakers.   The DS front speaker is a 3″x7″ size which is not very common.  Der Franzose carry a drop in replacement, but it is an original paper style speaker and I wanted to go with something more modern.   Retrosound offer a low profile 3.5″ speaker, so I went with two of them and used a custom bracket to mount them under the factory grill.    For the rears, I went with the retrosound 6.5″ unit as they have very ‘non bling’ grills which I like.

The antenna was looking very shabby also, and it took a lot of searching to find a replacement that looked period and didn’t have lots of plastic parts.   After a lot of searching I found one in the UK at a place called Classic Car Stereo, which with shipping wasn’t cheap but I didn’t like any of the other options.

The Retrosound Model 2 also provides a bluetooth handsfree option.   I mounted the microphone on the rail under the roof.  It seems to work quite well although so far I have only made calls from the garage!

With the speakers and microphone mounted, I was able to re-install the seats and other trim options.   I bought a rear deck cover to replace the old carpet which is starting to make the car look less tatty.

2 comments to Citroen DS radio upgrade almost complete

  • Stephen Dietrich

    Nice setup. I have a ’71 DS and although I can fit something into the hole in the dash, I can’t seem to find an appropriate faceplate. How did you resolve this issue?

    • admin

      Hi Stephen,
      I wasn’t able to use a standard retrosound one, so I made my own out of a retrosound one and the little ‘cubby’ that sits in where the radio is now. I cut about 1 cm from the end of the cubby and attached a faceplace behind and then trimmed it to fit. See more here

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