The Gosford Car Museum Revisted

I first visited the Gosford Car Museum a bit over two years ago.   Back in 2016, the Museum had recently opened.   Since it operates as a hybrid dealership/museum, the collection slowly turns over.   This means a return visit two years later provides a lot of new cars to see.

I would estimate that at least 50% of the collection has turned over since that visit.    It is still a very impressive museum, although the collection is now 10-15% smaller.   In addition, there are probably fewer jaw dropping cars than before.   For example last time in the Mercedes Benz section there was a Gullwing, a 300Sc, 300SE Coupe etc.   This time there were a couple of Pagoda SL and a LHD W111 Coupe.

Some of the highlights for me:

  • An Aircraft engine car with a 10L De Havilland engine.
  • A Chrysler 300F
  • A Rolls Royce 20HP with a sleek tourer body
  • The Bentley 4.25 liter


The Gosford Car Museum is a great half day trip.  I got lucky today as the museum was having a free entry day.   I went in my brothers E63 650i, which really came into its own on the old Pacific Highway.   If only there were fewer packs of cyclists that ride 2-3 abreast.

I will probably go again in a couple of years to see if the collection has changed further.

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