M272 Crankshaft Position Sensor

Recently the E350 wagon has been playing up. It started out by occasionally losing power, then progressed to stalling. At the times this would happen, the check engine light would be illuminated. After a while the check engine light would be on around half the times the car would be driven. In order to diagnose this, I plugged in my scanner to the OBD2 port. There were a few saved codes. The first one was P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit. There were also a couple of misfire codes, and a code about the tumble flaps in the intake manifold. […]

Rover P5 Coupe restoration

Yesterday I visited a friend’s workshop where he is restoring three Rover P5 Coupes. He is a real P5 enthusiast having owned a number of the models over the years. There are three cars under restoration, supported by two parts cars.

The first car under restoration is a 1964 MKIIA model. It was originally delivered 26/6/1964. Unusually for a car delivered in Australia, it is equipped with a manual transmission and overdrive. Most cars sold here came with the Borg Warner DG automatic gearbox. The current owner purchased the car in 1971.

The manual/overdrive ‘export’ P5 MKII Coupe is relatively […]

Rover parts car – my old P5

My old Rover P5 Coupe is being stripped for parts. This is not a bad thing as it is ensuring that three more Rover P5 Coupe restorations can be completed and three cars put back on the road. I purchased the car from the Flynn collection auction for only $230. Nevertheless, the car managed to drive from Canberra back to Sydney. The drive train was ok, but the sills were like swiss cheese and the floors were not great either. The interior was both badly sun and water damaged too

The new owner is a friend of mine who is […]