Machines & Macchiatos September 2022

Today I attended the September 2022 Machines and Macchiatos event.   This is my second time to this event, I managed to attend the December 2021 event last year.  Since my last time at the event, they have a new location at Northern Beaches Christian School in Terrey Hills.    I was supposed to be at the All French Day today, but it was cancelled due to wet fields so went to Machines & Macchiatos instead.

The new location is great.  There is plenty of room and all the cars park on tarmac.   I took my 280SE and it was the only W116 on display.   Mercedes were fairly light this month with three W126s and a couple of modern cars.

Machines & Macchiatos is a bit different from the other two cars and coffee events I attend in that it aims to raise money for charity.   They do a good job.   Its not as big as the St Ives event but it has more variety than the eastern suburbs meet.

Ferrari F40

The highlight of the whole show for me was the Ferrari F40.   It’s such an iconic car.  I remember when it was still current and saving up the $50 for the 1:18 scale model when I was in school.   Back then $50 was a lot and it took months before I was able to buy the Ferrari F40.   I still have it.    This car and the 300SL Gullwing were always my two favorites.

There were also a few nice French cars on display, probably because of the cancelled All French Day.

After the event I went for lunch in Cabramatta with the family and the 280SE rolled over 222,222km.   Of course, since there is a big gap in the service history the actual mileage is probably higher.   I don’t think its a high mileage car, but it is probably higher than indicated.


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