W111 Kangaroo damage repairs

Back a couple of weeks ago, I hit a Kangaroo in my 250SE.   I’m Insured through Shannons who handled the claim well.  Surprisingly, impact with an animal does not impact my premium.   The car is now with All Classic Car restorations in Brookvale, and I’ve popped down to take a look at it a couple of times.   All Classic also did the repairs to my Citroen a couple of years ago.

As part of the process, I helped them track down some parts.   The grille shell will need to be repaired as they are no longer available.   The two door models are different from the sedans.   However, I was able to find a new old stock mesh in Egypt, and the classic centre still sell the grille strips.     We also found a very good condition used headlight and surround.

The repairs on the car are progressing well.   They are doing a really nice job and the car is going to be even better than before.

W111 Kangaroo damageThe main damage was on the drivers side between the headlight and the grille.   You can see from the picture above that this is now mostly fixed and the bumper support repaired as well.  There was actually a little previous collision damage in this area, not really a surprise for a car over 50 years old with nearly 300,000 miles.

W111 Kangaroo damageAs well as the damage to the front of the car, there was also damage to the passengers side wing.   The area around the headlight had been pushed in and the piece that joins onto the front was quite badly damaged.

W111 Kangaroo damageAfter a few final repairs, the next stage will be painting.   There is no rush as we are waiting for the repaired grille to come back as well as some of the parts to arrive from overseas.    I imagine I will be driving the car again in July.

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