W126 Monovalve eliminator – part 2

My 560SEC had been leaking coolant and giving me heat when I didn’t want it.   Last week I started the repairs for these problems.   As the Bosch and Mercedes W126 Monovalve repair kit was no longer available, I have been installing the Klima Design Works monovalve elimination kit.

In the first part I removed the W126 monovalve, auxiliary water pump and other hoses.   This gave me the room to give the area underneath the heater hoses a good clean.   There were some leaves and other detritus.   Its important to remove this stuff it can cause rust.  The mud stays wet far longer than if the area was clean.

Cleaning out the heater hoses

The picture above shows the cleaned area.   It also shows the space I am going to fit the new components.   The two outputs from the heater core are seen on the right, and the hose back to the engine in the middle.    The bracket where the W126 monovalve used to go is on the left.

My plan is to use a T-piece to join the two outputs, run the coolant through the heater valve, and then place the vacuum solenoid where the W126 Monovalve used to go.

W126 Monovalve replacement

The picture above shows the setup I plan.   I have a few more hose clamps on order before I can fit this.   The clamps that went on the W126 monovalve side were too large.

A vacuum line will go from the end of the valve back to the solenoid and the whole thing will be covered up my the control box that was there before.   I used new heater hose except for the bend, which was in good shape.

W126 Monovalve eliminationOnce the new hose clamps arrive, I will finalize this assembly and then move on to changing the radiator.   The new assembly is slightly too long but the flexibility of the hoses should hopefully allow it to work.

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