MBCNSW Bring your other car day

Today I went to a cars and coffee event organized by the Mercedes-Benz club. It was a bit different to normal, as the theme was ‘Bring your other car’. The idea was that many club members probably own a car that is not a Mercedes, and that there would be interest in showing those cars off.

I thought there would be some interesting cars in attendance so I went along in my Citroen DS. I figured the Citroen would be very different to what most Mercedes club members are used to.

Bringing the DS fit too, as of last week, […]

MBCNSW July 2023 Night Drive – Picton Road

Last night was the monthly MBCNSW Night drive. We didn’t do one in June, primarily because that week coincided with the week most of Sydney seemed to have the flu, so most people cancelled due to illness. We were back again for July, doing a route from Engadine to Campbelltown via Picton Road.

This drive was a bit of a combination of new and old. We’ve done similar drives before, but in the other direction. Last year we did a Camden to Engadine drive via Picton Road for example. However, in that case the only real overlap with this drive […]

Selling my 1979 Mercedes 280SE at auction

I recently sold my 1979 Mercedes 280SE at the Shannons May 2023 auction. I’ve bought a couple of cars at auction, but never sold one before. This article covers my experience selling the car, why I chose and auction and why I chose Shannons.

Originally I started by trying to sell my 280SE privately. However, I had the issue that I have a fair amount of work travel in the first part of the year, and a fairly busy work and family schedule at other times. I missed out on a couple of buyers because they purchased something else before […]

W124 Ignition tumbler

When I purchased my 300TE, I noticed two things that slightly concerned me. The first was that I only had one key for the car. The second was that the ignition barrel was slightly sticky. There are key blanks available for Mercedes of this era at locksmiths, but the only key I had for the car was a copy. I didn’t feel like a copy of a copy was all that great an idea, so I contacted the classic centre to see if new ignition tumblers were still available.

Turns out, for this era of W124, with the transmission interlock, […]

MBCNSW Amazing Rally 2023

Today was my first ever observation rally. After having gone to car events regularly for well over a decade, I had surprisingly never attended one. The premise is that you and your navigator follow along a set of directions and get points for correctly deciphering the clues. Today, the MBCNSW was running one, dubbed The Amazing Rally. I thought it would be fun to give it a try. It was a requirement to bring a navigator. Why stop at one when I could bring three? I enlisted my three kids as navigators. They are 8, 6 and 6, and I […]