MBCNSW July 2023 Night Drive – Picton Road

Last night was the monthly MBCNSW Night drive.   We didn’t do one in June, primarily because that week coincided with the week most of Sydney seemed to have the flu, so most people cancelled due to illness.      We were back again for July, doing a route from Engadine to Campbelltown via Picton Road.

This drive was a bit of a combination of new and old.   We’ve done similar drives before, but in the other direction.  Last year we did a Camden to Engadine drive via Picton Road for example.   However, in that case the only real overlap with this drive was the Picton Road section.    We also included the section down the Princes Highway in our Appin Road drive a few months back.    However, the section between getting off Picton Road until we started to get close to our destination – Chubby Buns in Campbelltown, was new.

Finishing up at Chubby buns was also an advantage, the burgers are much better than at McDonalds.   As is normal in the middle of winter, we had a smaller group this time.   I had my 450SLC, there was a C123 280CE, a 380SEC and a very nice W124.    Somewhere on the drive, I reached the milestone of putting 50,000km on my 450SLC over a 20 year period.

The small group made it easier to stop when one of our group made a wrong turn, and the turn off lane to Sublime point lookout became a good impromptu stopping point.   The roads were really good and practically deserted.

Picton Road Night DriveOur four cars meandered our way towards Campbelltown and the Chubby buns burger truck.   Once we had done Appin Road, we took a combination of some tight twisty roads and more option sections as we worked out way north for the final destination.   The actual drive was just over 100km, but I put almost 250km on the car as I don’t live very close to either the start or the end.

It was great to get out for another night drive.  Especially after skipping the June drive and being away for work for a few weeks.    I think this drive worked better going west than east.

Picton Road Night Drive

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