Citroen DS boot struts

When I completed the boot lid last week, I forgot an important part.   The boot lid struts!  I was going through my parts box last night to mount the window cranks and noticed them.   The boot struts keep the boot lid open.  They are quite simple, consisting of a spring inside a tube.   This means the Citroen DS boot struts do not wear out like gas struts used in modern cars.

They are quite easy to fit, just two bolts per side.  These are the same bolts that hold the boot lid to the hinge.   The spring tension keeps the struts mounted to the car.  I started out needing to fit three crates of parts to the car, now there are only a few pieces at the bottom of one.

Citroen DS boot struts

The Citroen DS has quite a clever design.   When the boot is open, it is still possible to see past it and reverse the car.  The shape of the boot lid allows for a clear view behind.   The boot on a DS21 is supposed to be lined.   The lining kits are available from the usual suspects.   However, I’ve never fitted the trim as DS are not particularly watertight and I am worried that it would just trap moisture and promote rust.

My next task was to install the window cranks.   I found I was missing some parts so had to abandon those plans.   My car is a 1970 DS Comfort, but it had the handles for a 1962-1964 DS.   I purchased the correct handles, but they did not come with the plastic mounting cups or locking pins.   I have now ordered those parts.   In the same order, I have also splurged on a reproduction tool kit for the car as well.

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