Mercedes Clubs National Rally 2022 – Summary

I recently attended the Mercedes Clubs National Rally 2022 in Glenelg, SA. Not only did I attend the actual event, but I joined a group of friends in the MBCNSW to create a Classic Mercedes rally within a rally. We all have young children and its not easy to get a lot of time off work, so our goal was to pack as much as we could into as short a time as possible. I think we achieved that.

Instead of taking the direct route to the show over multiple days with the rest of the club, we crafted our […]

Mercedes Clubs National Rally 2022 – Day 3 Torquay to Glenelg

One of the attractions of this trip was to be able to tick off a few bucket list items. A big part of this was doing the Great Ocean Road in our own cars. Part of the design of our route was to ensure we did the Great Ocean Road in daylight – hence its position as the first item on our third day. The downside of this was that it meant for a very long days drive. Not only did we have to cover around 930KM, but we aimed to arrive in time for the welcome event at the […]

Planning a 4,000km Classic Mercedes road trip

In Australia, each state (and territory) has their own Mercedes-Benz Club. Most countries have a central club with regional chapters. This isn’t really all that surprising given the states could not even agree on basic stuff like a common railway gauge. Every two years one of the clubs hold a “National Rally” event on a rotating basis. The idea is members from all the national clubs get together at one of these events. The 2022 event is being organized by the South Australian club and held in a suburb of Adelaide.

This event was interesting to me because not only […]