Ad of the week: This car has its ups and downs

This week features a great ad highlighting the Hydropneumatic suspension of the Citroen DS.

This car has its ups and downs.

Moody? No. French, and logical.

When road conditions change, you can change the height of a Citroen car to suit the road. Citroen can do it, and only a Citroen.

Deeply rutted road, heavy snowdrift? Uo you go, and pull away with plenty of clearance.

Flat tire? Raise her up higher still. The jacking is automatic, and only on a Citroen.

Regular road or smooth turnpike? Cruise along at normal height. The comfort is something to marvel at.

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Ad of the week: New DS21

This weeks ad covers the launch of the DS21 – still on the 2nd nose. The introduction of the DS21 started to address the concerns about the lack of power in the DS, the main point of criticism over its 20 year life. The car was originally supposed to have an air cooled flat six, but that never panned out.