250SE W111 Production Figures – Update

In a previous post, I was looking at the changeover of production of the 220SEb Coupe/Cabriolet to the 250SE Coupe/Cabriolet. Mercedes used the same number series for the 220SE Sedan, 220SE Coupe, Cabriolet and the 250SE Coupe and Cabriolet.

According to a Mercedes Factory Manual I have, the last 220SEb was #82991 (and the first 250SE #82992). At the start of 250SE production in 8/65, the Coupes and Cabriolets received a slightly different engine to the Sedans (M129.981, M129 II), whereas as of #85398 in 4/66, the M129.980 (M129 I) engine from the sedan was standardized on both models and […]

Extrapolated Production Figures

Mercedes W111 220SE/250SE Coupe/Cabriolet

For reasons of their own, Mercedes gave the 220SE and 250SE models the same designator (111.021 for coupe and 111.023 for cabriolet). In addition, the chassis number was shared with the 220SE sedan. This was not continued for the later W111 coupe and cabriolet that have their own model designator and sequence.

From what I know there were:

220SE Sedan: 66,086 220SE: Coupe: 14,173 220SE: Cabrio: 2,729 250SE Coupe: 5,259 250SE Cabriolet: 954 That should mean that there were a total of 82,988 220SE. The last 220SE sedan was 82,687 produced in August 1965. Coupe […]