2015 Shannons Eastern Creek

The Shannons car show at Eastern creek brings about 1700 cars from Sydney and surrounds to Eastern Creek raceway for a display and parade laps around the track.

The show is always a great way of seeing interesting cars that are rarely seen on the road.   It was a lovely sunny day in Sydney and so good numbers turned up.   I did not enter a car, but spent time looking at all the cars on display.   The show is organized by club, and includes the larger make based clubs (e.g. Jaguar) as well as the smaller regional clubs, motor sports clubs etc.     I was not able to attend last year, but did go in 2013.

Highlights for me this year included:

  • Seeing a 1905 horseless carriage do a parade lap, including slowing to almost walking pace as it tried to climb the hills.   It is great to see a car like this still running and able to do a lap!
  • In the Cadillac section, there was a V16, V12, and V8 from the same era which provided an interesting contrast.  The V16 was an amazing looking car and in pristine condition.

2015 Shannons

Unfortunately in NSW we do not get to see some of these cars on the road very much due to our highly restrictive registration for classics, so a day like this is a great way to see them.    It was highly amusing to hear some announcer say how great the scheme is in NSW and how we wouldn’t want to change it.   I suppose you can’t go anywhere without a bit of propaganda.

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