Preventing a DS Flambé

While the Citroen DS can be a rather hot car due to the engine being right next to the drivers knee, it is generally not a good idea to let it get even hotter through an engine fire.   The weber carburettor that is used on the DS has the fuel inlet fitting press fit into the top housing of the carby, which as these cars age means that it can work its way out and have fuel spraying all over the hot engine.   Not a great idea.

However, on a  recent thread on the AussieFrogs forum, a well respected member had made up some kits to reduce this risk by tapping a thread into the carby, to allow the inlet to be screwed in.   I was able to grab one from the last batch and I fitted it today.

Luckily, my car wasn’t as much of a driving time bomb as some, as I needed to use penetrating fluid to get out the old inlet, but I’m still glad I made this change, as this new fitting is not going anywhere!   I removed the top of the carby to use the tap, which made it much easier, and found a dentists tool was a good way of making sure the threads were clean before I screwed in the new fitting.   (using grease on the tap got most of it).   There is also a small filter in the carby which I cleaned at the time.


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