DS Door cards – Update

Last year I removed the old targa door card from one of the rear doors and fitted the new velour door card.   Today I was up to doing the front door.

DoorThis is a job that gets far easier with experience.   Some of the websites mention needing far less of the clips than I used, but the holes were all drilled in my door, so I used them anywhere.   Where a hole had been drilled I made sure I used some anti-rust paint, which is the black you can see.   The plugs are easy to guide in with the wooden handle of a hammer.   They need steady pressure or they will bend.

Old door cardsThe old door cards were in a bad way – the wood was cracked in some places and soft in others.  The mounting points were worn, and the previous owner had screwed directly through the card into the door in some places.

NewThe new card on the other hand had lovely new backing wood and all mounting holes pre-drilled.   The clips are sold separately and are easy to add if you bend them outwards a bit with a flat head screwdriver .   I figured the more the merrier.

Once you are ready to mount it on the door, the longest set of needle nosed pliers you own is ideal to slightly adjut the clips so they can fit into the door plugs.      The first job took me an hour or two, this time it took me 15-20 minutes!

FinishedThe finished product looks great, especially after using some autosol to polish the window winder.

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