2023 German Car Show Sydney

Today was the annual Sydney German car show.   Due to work travel and the pandemic, the last one of these I attended was back in 2018.   It seems quite a while ago now.   This is always a really good event and as usual it was very well organized.    The show is held in Gough Whitlam park in Earlwood,  which is good central location.   It is probably pretty much at capacity though, so I assume the event will move at some point.

I took my 250SE to put on display this year.  It’s the car I normally take for shows like this.   While there are actually more W111/W112 Cabriolets around than most people realize, as values increase they are more an more owned by people who are not active in the clubs.    At first I thought that maybe my rough running was back, but it turns out one of my plug wires was not properly in after organizing them.   I was parked next to a W112 300SE, which is now a very rare car.

2023 German Car Show Sydney

The display was good although probably a little smaller and less varied than in prior years.   There were fewer older cars, especially cars from the 50s and ‘special’ cars like pre-war cars and things like Gullwings and 600s.    As usual there were a fair few cars that really should have been on display parked outside.   I never understand this.

One big improvement on prior years is they tried to group the cars into rows that represented similar eras.  I was parked in the row that mostly had cars from the 50s to the mid 70s.   This was mostly cars like W108s, W111s, W114s etc.   The next row had cars from the 70s and 80s and the final two rows mostly had ‘modern’ cars but also some other random older ones.    It was a good start, although if the event moves to a bigger venue this could be done better.

The BMW, Porsche and VW displays were quite good and varied.   The Audi display was quite small, and there were a couple of the smaller marques, but not to the same level as prior years.

This is a great event and one I enjoy going to each year.

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