Auto Brunch St Ives August 2022

Today I attended the monthly Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground.   This is easily the best cars and coffee event in Sydney.   There is always a huge variety on display at this event.   This wasn’t the biggest event I can remember, but it probably has the biggest variety.

A great example was a timewarp Chrysler Lancer.   I don’t recall the last time I saw one of these, especially a car from before Chrysler sold out to Mitsubishi.

Auto Brunch St Ives August 2022Both the Mercedes and Citroen Clubs had this event on their club calendar.   Like last time,  I took my DS to the event and there were at least four other D’s on the day.   On top of the D’s, there was also a nice CX, a GS, a couple of 2CVs and some modern Citroens.

While the Mercedes Club had a number of club members on display, there were a few really nice cars on display from non Members.   There was an immaculate 380SL with the 15″ fuchs alloys in red.   I lovely car that does not get a lot of use.

There was also a matching pair of W108 280SE 3.5 models in silver grey.    The first one was ex Papua New Guinea, and had been sold there as a consular car.    It has an interesting specification with a manual transmission, but power windows.

The other car was delivered December 1971 in Australia and is still in the same family since new.   It was in great shape, with a respray about 20 years ago.

Auto Brunch St Ives August 2022

I was also impressed by the number of nice E-Types on display.   There were some really nice cars there and it’s great to see them out being used.

After the event, I even had time to give the DS a quick oil change before I met my family for lunch.

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