NSW Classic Vehicle Log Book trial starts today

I was down at the RMS today, putting my Traction on the new trial for a logbook style registration scheme in NSW.   I really had been dreading putting the traction on the old historic scheme, but with so many cars I just couldn’t justify them all on full rego, despite how bad the old scheme was.

Under the new rules, you get to use your car for up to 60 days in the year provided that you log the entries in the ‘logbook’ (which is actually a sheet of A4 paper) and you are a financial member of your nominated car club.    The car still needs to pass an annual roadworthy, but you don’t need a pink slip, this is covered in the cost of the registration, which is currently $94.

As the trial is so new, RMS staff are aware of it, but probably haven’t done one before.   The lady who processed my rego today was very helpful, but it took us a while as the first attempt had the car restricted to a particular beach and a requirement that it be floated there.   Needless to say, tractions don’t float.    The finer details of the scheme don’t seem to have been communicated as she had assumed it was a 60 day rego, not a rego you can drive 60 days out of 365.

The announcement implies that the clubs have to participate, but I don’t think they need to do anything to be part of this scheme, just to be part of historic registration in general.

Edit 15/10/15: Looks like the clubs do have to sign up, and the list of participating clubs is available here.   I am a member of the Citroen, Mercedes and Jaguar clubs and all three are now listed as participating.


The photo above shows the logbook, the rego paper that also includes a sticker (unlike with full rego), and the conditions that must be carried in the car.

The plate is quite small, which is a little irritating as it is not long enough to fit any normal mounting holes.   I will have to make custom brackets for every car I put on this scheme.

All in all this is very exciting and finally brings NSW into line with other states.

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