The great shed tour of 2016

As you go to car shows and car club events, you realize that there are many more big car collections out there than you would expect.  Not just celebrities like Jay Leno, but people who live in the same city as you who have extensive and interesting car collections.     Friends of mine think I am nuts owning 5 cars, but it is nothing compared to some of the collections out there.

The Mercedes Club organized a tour of 4 ‘sheds’ today, allowing club members to see some of the collections that normally remain behind closed doors.

  1. The first shed had four interesting cars, a lovely W111 220SE coupe in red, a Chrysler Valiant, a Jaguar Mk2 and a Mustang.   They were all in good condition.  The Jag and Chrysler had modified interiors.   The 220SE was the pick for me as it was in excellent condition.
  2. The Second was a series of about four sheds and was a really eclectic collection.   Probably centered around Daimlers, but there were Singers, Lanchesters, Panhards, Saabs, Jensens and a big collection of motorbikes.   Condition ranged from good to parts cars and everything in between.   The Pick for me would have been a Lanchester Limo and the Jensen.
  3. Shed #3 had a British sports car theme, with Jaguars (including a pair of immaculate 4.2 E-Types), Lotus’, Triumph, MG, Ford GT40 and more.
  4. Shed #4 had an equine theme, with one shed filled with rare Mustangs and a second with Ferrari’s.

Obviously to respect the generosity of the people who opened their collection to the club today, I can’t name the location or any names, but there were some lovely cars to look at.   You could have spent hours exploring Shed #2 and still found more stuff hiding away.  The shed tour was one of the best club events I have attended in a while.

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