Favorites of the 2016 British Car Show

The British car show has such a selection of cars that its hard to pick favorites, but these represent the standout cars for me on the day.

Healey Elliott

I found this to be a really striking car and not one I had seen before.   Apparently it has the 2.5 liter Riley engine and was capable of 100mph, quite a feat at the time for a four seat car.

Healey Elliott

Bentley S2 Continental

These cars are incredibly rare and valuable, so not a car I aspire to own due to the cost, but I think the pick of the post war Bentleys in terms of style, and in my view the best of the RR era Bentleys.   (all the continentals are up there)

B S2

Rolls Royce Phantom I

This car was for sale (I think for $150,000)  was was just full of exquisite details including a horn shaped like a serpent. Considering mass produced Porsche 911s go for this sort of money, I know which car I prefer.   I’m sure the running costs of the RR are just a little higher but you’re not driving around in a piece of history in a 911.


  Jaguar XK120 Drophead Coupe

This car is from 1953 and really shows off the attractive XK120 design.   Unfortunately it was hit in the front last week, but I am sure it will be repaired soon.


Jaguar E-Type Series 1

As an owner, perhaps I am biased, but I do think the original E-Type was a very striking piece of design and an amazing car for its time.   Both the Fixed Head an Open top cars are great and the 3.8 and 4.2 models both have their strengths.

Jag E-Type

Bentley S3 Continental

I find this design striking, and its one of my favorite cars at the various British car shows.    Not quite to the stratosphere in terms of value like the S1 and S2, but still a rare and valuable car.    I’ve seen VN-020 at a number of shows over the years and still every time I find myself going over and taking a closer look.   The owner of this car must have good taste as there was an other car standing to the left of it with VN-xxx number plates.    I believe that this was a Park Ward design, and the designer was of Scandinavian origin.


Jaguar XK140 FHC

The current desire for car collectors is buying cars with Patina rather than those that are restored and this XK140 is a good example of that.   Maybe a bit too much Patina for me, but still a lovely car and I find the Xk140 coupe a good mix of practicality with the XK120 style.


Jaguar MK 2 3.8

Its hard to see from the picture, but this MK2 had such striking blue paint that really showed off the shape well.  In a world where modern cars are in monochrome, its lovely to see a car like this.   I’m also partial to the MK2 style.  I prefer the regular wheels, but other than that I like this car.


Rolls Royce 20/25

I think this is a handsome car and the paint scheme really sets it off well.


Rover P5B Coupe

perhaps not a car beloved by collectors, but I find the P5 and P5B Coupe models rather elegant and this restored example is a good representation of the car.


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