MBCNSW January 2024 Night Drive – Princes Highway

We started our 2024 night drive schedule with a drive south.    This month’s drive was held a week earlier due to the holiday long weekend and the absurd double demerits regime in NSW.  In the days before the drive, there had been torrential rain, but luckily the weather fined up on the day and it was just a bit overcast.

The recent rain did have one impact – we had to change our route along the way.    This was to be the same route we did in July 2022.   However, McKel Ave, which would have taken us down into the Royal National Park was closed.   We decided it to just skip that bit and focus on driving the Princes Highway (and avoiding the Princes Motorway).

As the weather had been terrible, it was quite a small turn out this time, three cars.   I took my 1977 450SLC and there were two W124s – a 230E and a 300E.   The small group made for a very relaxed drive and easy to modify the route.

Princes Highway

At the starting point, we briefly spoke to a man with a HR Holden Special on a trailer.   The Holden looked pretty good, and had been earmarked for a full restoration.   Apparently this guy does a full restoration every three months in his home workshop, equipped with a spray booth.   We were all a little envious of the parts prices on that era of Holden as well.

The drive turned out to be nice and cruisy and a good way to start the 2024 night drives.

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