450SLC Repaint completed

The 450SLC is complete and I picked it up over the weekend. What a difference from the faded original paint at the front of the car – it is like having a new one.

The respray took place over three weeks (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3). In addition, rust was cut out, and the air cleaner was re-painted.

New DS Air Cleaner Hose

The Citroen DS has a rubber hose that connects the air cleaner assembly with the top of the carburettor. This DS air cleaner hose had become so hard and perished that it tore when I tried to remove the air cleaner to take off the spheres.

The condition of the hose is fairly evident from the picture. The new one was much more pliant. Originally, the hose had a clamp to attach it to the air cleaner assembly, but I managed to break it putting it back on. Instead of using this clamp again that needs a special tool, […]