560SEL front suspension rebuild

This week I got my 560SEL back from having a front suspension rebuild. This wasn’t something I really wanted to take on myself. My SEL drove well, but there was some looseness in the front end. As I plan on keeping the car long term, it made sense to rebuild the front suspension to restore an as-new ride.

The front suspension rebuild included new upper control arms and associated bushings, lower control arm bushings and sway bar bushings. I went with genuine for the upper control arms and Lemforder for the lower control arm bushings. The genuine parts are expensive, […]

The E-Type gets a new set of balls

The E-Type went in for a service this week, and came out with a new set of ball joints for the front suspension. It will also need new front wishbones at some point as a number of shims were needed to get it all put together right, so I’ll keep an eye out for a good deal on those. Next time I’ll also need to have the rubber mounts for the steering rack replaced as well.

As well as the front suspension, the the brake lights are now working – I had them repaired in 2011 when I still lived […]