Ad of the week: Citroen Technology

This weeks ad focuses on how innovative a car company Citroen was before it was merged with Peugeot. The two cars shown are very similar to my two Citroens – the Traction on the top and the DS21 below it. They are not quite the same as this is a French made Traction and the DS21 is a Pallas model unlike mine. The ad is a great depiction of Citroen’s two greatest designs. Today Citroens are mostly re-badged Peugeots, but there was a time when Citroen Technology was world leading.

This is a US ad, so the car is shown […]

Traction Avant Wedding car

I helped out a friend today for a wedding with the Traction Avant. Tractions are not often seen as wedding cars, but they are rather striking and work pretty well. For this wedding two Light 15s were used. The big bodied cars would probably work better, but the light 15 was roomy enough for five people. You do notice the extra weight – with only 56 h.p. even four slim bridesmaids mean rather slow progress up hills.

The other light 15 has an ID motor and four speed gearbox installed which probably helps, but the slow progress is part […]

The Citroen Traction Avant for dummies

In my view, Citroen has made two cars that changed the world – the Traction Avant and the DS (some would also include the 2CV in this list). The Traction Avant established Citroen as an innovative car company but at the same time bankrupted the company, leading to their ultimate control by the Michelin family.

While Andre Citroen is probably better known for his ability to get publicity for his car company, he was an extremely competent organizer and was able in only 4 months, to get a munitions factory going in WWI that produced more shells than all the […]

Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction 2014

The Citroen Club had a meeting at the Shannon’s auction display again and as usual Shannons had a nice selection of cars on show.

The pick of the auction for me was the Traction Avant. Almost in my ideal spec. (I would prefer a year older with the small boot). As well as this there were some other interesting cars for sale including:

Lot 1: 1980 Volvo 242GT

The 242 is a real cult car and probably the squarest two door car ever made. For an expected price of $6-10,000 you can look evil and sensible all at once.