Removing the C pillar trims from the DS

A few months ago I managed to damage the front of the DS while parking it. Insurance will cover the repair to the front of the car, but instead of having the insurance repair match the faded paint, I would prefer to have the front of the car painted well and then pay extra to […]

Citroen DS interior rear roof trim – attempt 4

I have tried a few times to get the rear trim that sits between the C pillars to not fall down on to the parcel shelf.

My first attempt was to use the correct clips, however the trim would fall down over bumps. My second attempt, was a 3M product, which is sort of like […]

Update: DS Steering wheel wrap and rear trim

A few weeks ago, I wrapped the steering wheel on the DS and used a 3M adhesive. On the whole, this worked well for the main part of the steering wheel, but the ends were lifting up. I re-glued the ends with some araldite and covered them in black electrical tape. Lets see how well […]

Citroen DS rear interior lights

The Citroen DS Comfort (non Pallas) has four interior lights. Two on the inside of the B pillar and two on the inside of the C pillar. The DS Pallas has two lights on the B pillar, but upgraded ones from the regular DS. The ID Models (and D Special, D Super) have the same […]

SLC Heater trims

The plastic trims around the heater controls in the SLC have been broken since I got the car. I noticed when buying another part that new trims were available and they were a reasonable price. So I purchased them – although it turns out the right hand one was out of stock so I got […]

More Citroen DS de-jalopification

Today I spent more time doing small improvements to the Citroen DS. The car originally had single side mirror on the drivers side that I think was for a later car. This mirror was never able to stay in the right spot and would always fall back against the car over 70km/h despite how tight […]