Citroen DS interior rear roof trim – attempt 4

I have tried a few times to get the rear trim that sits between the C pillars to not fall down on to the parcel shelf.

My first attempt was to use the correct clips, however the trim would fall down over bumps.      My second attempt, was a 3M product, which is sort of like Velcro and sold in little squares at the hardware store.   This also fell down very quickly.    My third attempt which worked better was some Velcro from eBay.  Instead of little squares, I had a whole strip.    After a few weeks, this also fell down.   The problem was that the adhesive on the back of the Velcro did not grip the cardboard like material that the cloth attaches to.

My third attempt was to first use duct tape on the back of the trim to provide a better surface for the Velcro to adhere to, and use more Velcro to lessen the pressure on any one particular part.


This time, I purchased two strips of Velcro, enough to cover the entire rear of the trim piece and the part of the chassis that it attaches to.

Now with Velcro

Velcro on roof

This full cover of Velcro allowed the trim to stick well even with only some contact.   I am confident of this solution, surely the fourth attempt will work?


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