Rolls Royce Club Federal Rally 2022 display

Yesterday I was in Canberra to attend Wheels 2022 with the Mercedes Club ACT.   I found out that this weekend was also the Rolls Royce Club Federal Rally.   Not sure if it was a coincidence, but the public display was about a 10 minute walk from Queanbeyan showground.   Based on that proximity, it would have been almost criminal not to go along and see the display.

Given the wild weather of the past few weeks, I was impressed with the number of cars sporting interstate plates.   There were plenty of cars on Victorian, Queensland and South Australian registration.  This is in addition to the expected ACT and NSW cars.   Even more impressive was the number of pre-war cars on display.   I’m always impressed how much these owners actually drive the cars – and drive them long distances.   In my view at least, turning a car into a garage queen is about the worst thing that can be done to it.   Not to mention using the cars keeps important skills alive and makes it worthwhile for parts suppliers to keep parts in production.

Rolls Royce Club Federal Rally

The other advantage of walking over to the Rolls Royce Club federal rally display was the better food options on offer!

As you would expect, the Silver Shadow (and its derivatives) and Silver Spirit (and its derivatives) dominated the display.  These are the only models that were sold in large numbers.   There were cars of all types and conditions, from the show cars to the driven regularly.   My favorites tend to be the later small horsepower prewar cars, and the Silver Cloud and its Bentley S series sister.   I would like to own one of these one day.

It was certainly worth the walk over to see the display.

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