S211 cheap antenna fix

Like a lot of modern cars, the S211 E350 my wife drives has a ‘shark fin’ antenna on the roof. There are generally maintenance free, in contrast with telescopic power antennas. However, in our case, when the antenna was broken after hitting a garage door, the fix was not obvious.

The proper fix would be to replace the antenna with a new Mercedes-Benz unit. However, to do this, the headlining needs to come down to remove it. Doing a bit of research on the forums, this looked like a big job.

I was concerned after driving around like this for […]

Citroen DS radio upgrade almost complete

The Radio upgrade on the Citroen DS is almost complete. It’s taken over a month (albeit only a few hours a week). Today I properly installed the speakers. The DS front speaker is a 3″x7″ size which is not very common. Der Franzose carry a drop in replacement, but it is an original paper style speaker and I wanted to go with something more modern. Retrosound offer a low profile 3.5″ speaker, so I went with two of them and used a custom bracket to mount them under the factory grill. For the rears, I went with the retrosound 6.5″ […]