The DS is that little bit shinier

A few months ago I had started polishing the DS using Auto-glym paint pro and the cheap Chinese polishing machine I bought on eBay.

I achieved good results on the roof, but overall there was much to do.

Today I used stage 1 on the bonnet and front wings.  Took a few hours but much better than before.  In the first photo you can see the front 1/3 of the bonnet has been done – compare the reflection of the flurecent lights with the rear of the bonnet that had not.

beforeIn the 2nd photo, you can see the results of the entire bonnet finished with stage 1.   Stage 1 is the cutting compound and stage 2 completes the job.

I still have to do the doors, rear wings and boot lid.   I will probably also touch up the roof again too.

This paint job will never be show quality, but with enough elbow grease, it should look very good from a few meters away.


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