The Gilmore Museum, 2010

The Gilmore museum is one of the worlds best car museums.   I was able to visit back in 2010 when I lived in Michigan and it was a highlight.   A friend of mine and I took a trip there in my E-Type, a nice 2 hour drive from Detroit.   The museum is located in Western Michigan, about half way between Detroit and Chicago.   It has a varied collection, but is especially known for its collection of Pierce-Arrows.   Pierce-Arrow were a leading supplier of luxury automobiles alongside the likes of Packard, Duesenberg, Peerless and others.   Like many of these makes, they never really got over the great depression and the company folded in the late 30s.   The theme is probably American luxury as there are also Duesenberg, V16 Cadillacs, Packards and others.

Gilmore Museum

As well as the cars in this theme of American pre-war luxury there are also other really interesting models to see.   For example, there is a Tucker and next to it is an engine, which was originally a Helicopter engine.   There is a Chrysler Turbine car, a Mercedes-Benz 500K roadster, and much much more.

I would rank this museum up in the top car museums I have visited around the world, along with the Louwman and Peterson museums.   If you are ever in Michigan or Chicago, the Gilmore Museum is well worth a trip.

This website did not exist when I visited the museum.   Since it was now seven years ago, the collection may have changed somewhat, but I am sure it is still very impressive.

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