Guest Post: SLK230 – Installing a Pippins wind deflector

Editors Note: This is part three in a series by Nick Gruzevskis about owning a Modern Mercedes convertible – in this case his R170 SLK230.   The first part can be found here and the second part here.  

There are times when you feel like you’re making progress on a classic car and other times it just feels like you’re procrastinating. As I have just completed an interior, I was feeling positive, so decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Since putting the interior back, I’d used the car on freeways several times and noticed the steering wheel shuttering from 90kph and above. I dropped car off to Donnellans, noting that front wheels likely needed a balance. I’d almost completed drinking my latte when I received text message communicating job was complete. First job done.

I had been looking into replacing the original fabric wind deflector, not due to its condition, but rather as it was somewhat difficult to see out the rear with the top up. I had viewed the Pippins wind deflector some time ago, with most reviews being positive, but did note there were a few that commented on reflections.


I ordered the R170 wind deflector with roll bar inserts on Feb 22nd and they arrived Mar 3rd, costing $415 AUD including delivery. The wind deflector is 8mm think smoke grey Perspex. You can opt to put a logo or design, but I choose not to do this, as I didn’t want anything impeding my vision.

Pippins wind deflector

The rollbar inserts are made of the same smoke grey Perspex. Installation was quite simple, only tools you need is a Phillips screwdriver, removing the two screws that hold the hooks. It is tricky to install the deflector and put the two hooks back, took me about 30min to complete the job. The roll bar inserts are easier to get in, these just insert from the front of the car, inserting Perspex into top of rollbar, then compressing the roll bar material, pushing it into place. They are securely held in place by pressure/friction alone.

Pippins wind deflector

Testing for the first time, rear vision is dramatically improved. I’m not sure if wind buffeting , more testing is needed here, but looks a lot cleaner than the fabric deflector. The cons, apart from the cost, you do get some reflections from cars in front of you. It’s not really a deal breaker, just something to be aware of.

Pippins wind deflector

Pippins wind deflector

Author:  Nick Gruzevskis is a contributor to, and the custodian of a great collection of classic and modern cars.  Links to some his other articles can be found here

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