2023 German Car Show Sydney

Today was the annual Sydney German car show. Due to work travel and the pandemic, the last one of these I attended was back in 2018. It seems quite a while ago now. This is always a really good event and as usual it was very well organized. The show is held in Gough Whitlam park in Earlwood, which is good central location. It is probably pretty much at capacity though, so I assume the event will move at some point.

I took my 250SE to put on display this year. It’s the car I normally take for shows like […]

MBCNSW October 2023 Night Drive – Southwest loop

After weeks of warm sunny weather, a cold and wet change rolled into Sydney to perfectly align with our October night drive. This cut numbers drastically, and we ended up with three cars. The weather was better for the actual drive, and we just had occasional light showers.

The genesis for this route came from a motorcycle app designed to find good roads in an area. One of our regulars on the drives suggested it. With a few minor tweaks to the route (mostly to set a good start and ending spot) we gave it a try. It came up […]

Guest Post: Installing an aftermarket audio unit in a 2008 Ford Futura

Fitting aftermarket head units to most vehicles made from 2000 onwards can often be problematic due to manufacturers integrating audio and HVAC controls into the one assembly. Many of us choose the path of least resistance, with the primary means of connecting a smartphone is via Aux and a $15 FM transmitter purchased from K-Mart. I must admit the ICC unit (Ford speak for their Audio/HVAC unit) is excellent, simple and functional. We had been using the Aux port in the Futura, with $100 Bluetooth accessory to provide audio streaming and calls. The performance of calls was disappointing, so much […]

107 blinker flasher unit

Over the last few months, the blinkers have been playing up on my 450SLC. It started out when the car was first started up, the blinkers would flash very fast. After a while, I guess the flasher unit warmed up and they went back to their normal rate. Over time, this took longer and longer to happen, until they stopped flashing at all and just stayed hard on.

It seemed obvious that the flasher unit had stopped working. I had assumed that the flasher unit was built into the switch, like it is in the later cars. A friend had […]

W111 123 ignition – part 2

In the first part of this series, I installed the 123 ignition distributor and got the car running. This part focuses on test driving the car and fine tuning the install. I should note that the 123 ignition distributor has nothing to do with the W123 Mercedes. A couple of people assumed I was fitting a distributor from a W123. The 123 ignition is a brand new electronic distributor that fits many makes and models.

My first step was setting the correct advance curve for my engine. Luckily the workshop manual has all the specifications I needed. The first specification […]